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Our Story

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

No-Problem Africa was established in 1995 when owner and founder, Linder Harris realized that as an avid sun-seeker, she often struggled to find beachwear throughout the year. Linda decided to morph her travels into a business by sourcing patterns and designs whilst globetrotting tropical destinations.

Linda has always had a passion for patterns, prints, and unusual fabrics: from her early days as a boutique owner in Hillbrow in the height of the 70s she was inspired by the embroidered, laced hand-painted garments she sourced from Bali, India and Morocco.

Linda’s wanderlust and passion have led No-Problem Africa to become one of the largest resort and beachwear manufacturers in South Africa. With an emphasis on wholesale, No-Problem Africa has excited initiated her online component.

No Problem Africa aims to source, design and manufacture comfortable, light and easy to wear clothing for all body types, inspired by African travels and tropical destinations. No Problem Africa is proudly South African and manufactures locally, focusing on ethical working conditions and empowerment of women.